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Welcome to our world of dogs

"Lord of Odate's inheritance" well-known with the shortcut LofOi, that's us, Kerstin & Roland Bergmann. Always been with dogs before, since 1997 the American Akitas have been our passion. Our kennel name is under international FCI protection since 2001, we are members of the Akita Club e.V. in Germany since 2002 and members of the Shiba Club Germany e.V. since 2019 too.

Our dog world - briefly explained - we LofOi's see us ourselves first of all as show kennel. Actually, dog shows are our big hobby and since the recognition of the breed by the FCI in the year 2000 we are regular with our American Akitas at many dog shows in Germany and abroad. Our breeding arose almost inevitably to get Akitas which really correspond to our own ideals. On the other hand, the first litter was only in 2004 and although the possibilitys would be much greater due the number of our dogs and the time which we can spend our dogs, Roland hasn't been in his profession since 2004 and is always there for them and Kerstin works at the homeoffice since 2017, only two litters or less falling down per annum. So you should readdy for waiting time if you wish to get a puppy of us. But because we only mate dogs which fit so together that we can hope the puppies have just as strong character and temper, are so beautiful or more as parents and ancestors, just suitable for our hobby, should be worth this waiting period for you. All together, dog shows, breeding, the work of and the supply of the many dogs, many too because the old ones stay with us until they die, all the many little things around, it's not only hobby which one you touch or leave, depending on the mood you're in, it's also not a profession. It's our whole living content or with other words, our dog world.

2000 LofOi's supplied the first German Federal Winner and the first American Akita which won a placement in a FCI group competition and 2001 the first American Akita Champion VDH. Since then won or placed up their Akitas on international terrain countless times as Best of Breed and again and again in the Best in Show and Group contest of the main rings, won repeatedly Federal Winner, German Winner, Europe Winner and World Winner title or their Vice title. So far their Akitas won a total of 105 Champion title. 86 of these Champions titles were awarded to their self bred Akitas.

For years we've been watching the Shibas on the shows. It was actually planned for retirement age. But allready 2017 we met a long wish with our first Shiba and we've got a little pack now. Since 2018 with Shibas on shows also, the first of them is owner of three titles too.

We wish you lots of fun while surfing on our homepage and refer to our Facebook side also. There is to see really any amount of our dogs, photos and videos, fun pictures and of course photos of our puppies.

Roland Bergmann




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