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Follow us on Facebook! Almost always up to date we inform you on our Facebook page about all news regarding our dogs. You find there reports of the dog shows, announcements of planned and taken place matings, announcements of born litters, results of health and behavior/temperament tests and of course you can enjoy there all our lots of photos and some videos.

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As breeders we want to know how and with who will grow up our babies. Therfore we will only answer applications for a puppy if it's included also relevant details for a species-based dog attitude, such as professional and residential situation. Questions that only relate to availability and price will not be answered. We're not dog dealers!      Facebook Message an LofOi Akita and Shiba

From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. you can reach us on the phone.

Tel.     +49 (0)3869 70264

But our spoken English is lousy. Better you write us by e-mail or Facebook Messenger.

Visitors registered before are welcome at weekends and holidays.


Our domicile is about 15 kilometres southwest of Schwerin, the federal capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The next international airport is the Airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel, 110 km remote from us. Of the motorway A24 it is still around 20 minutes up to us. Coming from a westerly direction (Hamburg) please take the exit 10 Wittenburg, coming from an easterly direction (Berlin) please take the exit 11 Hagenow / Schwerin ...

Google-Maps helps along ...

Roland & Kerstin Bergmann
Obere Bergstraße 36
19073 Stralendorf

Amerikanischer Akita Züchter VDH FCI