Matings • upcoming and current Litters

As breeders we want to know how and with who will grow up our babies. Therfore we will only answer applications for a puppy if it's included also relevant details for a species-based dog attitude, such as professional and residential situation. Questions that only relate to availability and price will not be answered. We're not dog dealers!

On August 20th *SUKI* LORD OF ODATE's INHERITANCE ASUKA got her puppies.
HD-B, eyes clear, behaviour test passed with full score, breeding license of the ShCD
Daddy is Russian Grand Champion & Multi Junior Champion *LEO* SHIOMARU ONE IN A MILLION
HD-A, ED-0, patella 0:0, eyes clear, behaviour test with full score, breeding license of the ShCD


More photos and videos of the puppies as always on our Facebook page

At the end of November 2021 we expect puppies from *SPEEDY* DAR CHINGIZA ONE AND ONLY
HD-B, eyes clear and *MISHA* MIKHEI GO MIKHEEVALENA, HD-A, eyes clear.
Both have also passed the behavior test with full score and have a breeding license of the ShCD. SPEEDY was covered by MISHA on 28 September.